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J. Robert Seebacher, M.D.

Dr. Seebacher has been a member of Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons for over 35 years. Although he has replaced several thousand hips and knees, he now devotes his practice to the nonoperative multifaceted treatment of painful adult arthritic knees.

Dr. Seebacher’s approach is comprehensive focusing on reduced pain and inflammation with restoration of strength flexibility and maintenance of vigor and health, allowing natural mechanisms of healing to occur and attempting to restore patients with arthritic knees to a positive state of improving function putting surgery on hold.

Dr. Seebacher works in close association with Dr. Jason Hochfelder, referring surgical
patients to him and assisting him in surgery.

Dr. Seebacher has been included on the best doctors list for both New York Magazine and Westchester magazines many times.

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