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September 27, 2006 – Corey Burak, MD is the first physician in the New York City region to perform the minimally invasive anterior approach to total hip replacement that is becoming the surgery of choice for orthopedic surgeons around the country. Burak performs the procedure at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY

When compared to standard or mini-incision total hip replacement, the anterior approach is proven to have fewer postoperative complications, considerably less pain, and quicker recovery for the patient, and it produces a more stable hip.

The key to the anterior approach is surgical entry to the joint through an inter-muscular and inter-nervous interval, which allows the surgeon to reach the hip without cutting through muscles or having to detach tendons. In contrast to the more traditional procedures, patients undergoing this approach almost immediately return to normal life. Patients are no longer required to sleep in a special position, use an elevated toilet seat, or special instruments to put on shoes and socks. They can return to driving as soon as they are comfortable.

Burak also uses the latest techniques in total and partial knee replacement and revision total joint replacement, which involves replacing an existing prosthesis with a new prosthesis.

Burak’s father, Dr. George Burak, performed the first total hip replacement in Westchester County in 1969.