J. Robert Seebacher, M.D.

J. Robert Seebacher, M.D.

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, Sleepy Hollow, NY
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Hip & Knee Replacement
About Dr. Seebacher
  • 25 years experience with over 2000 successful hip & knee replacements (single surgeon)
  • Perfected protocols which were established & performed at Phelps Memorial Hospital
Dr. Seebacher joined the Orthopedic department of Phelps Memorial Hospital in 1982, at the completion of his training. During his residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, he witnessed the initial and revolutionary surging of the wave of miraculous surgical replacements of hips and knees of patients who were hopelessly crippled by arthritis. While struggling to amass a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the rapidly expanding field of Orthopedics, he was profoundly influenced by his professors who founded and became the American giants of joint replacement surgery.

During the last fifteen years, Dr. Seebacher has devoted his career to the treatment and, if necessary, replacement of arthritic hips and knees. Supported by his partners and working closely with the highly cooperative hospital administration, sophisticated plans of care were formulated, adopted, learned, and perfected by all the members of a large team of professionals. Their goal was the delivery of safe, reliable and deluxe care to joint replacement patients. This was comprehensively integrated and adjoined with Phelps’ state certified inpatient rehabilitation unit, one of only a few in the region, to seamlessly combine the acute Orthopedic inpatient hospitalization with intensive inpatient rehabilitation in a single unit of a hospital, under the supervision of a single team of trained professionals. Since 1998, well over one thousand of these operations were successfully performed by Dr. Seebacher and the Phelps team, making him one of the most experienced surgeons for hip & knee replacement in the state (See the Center For Medical Consumers 2002 Performance Reports).

Through the wise investment of its discretionary income, Phelps kept pace with new technology acquiring and utilizing equipment that helps make surgery safer, less painful and more reliable. New and highly trained nursing specialists were added to the team, to facilitate the whole process, beginning with the decision to undergo surgery and continuing to the completion of out-patient therapy. Dr. Seebacher is granted complete freedom of choice for implant selection and treatment techniques to minimize risk, and to strive to assure optimal long term results.

This year, with Dr. Seebacher expecting to perform 250 of these operations, each member of the team from anesthesiologists to orderlies, dietitians to occupational therapist, nurses to clerks know precisely what their role is in providing support for each patient undergoing a joint replacement. Having long since mastered the understanding of what must be done to and expected from a “model patient”, the current focus is to identify the special needs of the individual patient, in advance, and prepare to address them. Protocols have been devised to better support and reduce the risks of surgery on patients with problems such as diabetes, lung and heart disease, obesity, history of previous blood clots, and known tendency to form scar-bone, to name a few. Special technologies or techniques are selected and combined in an effort to customize the treatment to best suit the individual patient.

The thrust of the Phelps Joint Replacement service is not to tackle the ultra complex problems which rightfully belong in a specialty hospital in the hands of professors and researchers, but to make the more routine problems such as arthritis of the hips or knees in our patients who are sometimes old, sick or very overweight our mission, striving to make each case perfect and pleasant for the individual patient.
  • Senior Attending Orthopedics, Phelps Memorial Hospital, Sleepy Hollow, NY
  • Director, Joint Replacement Service, Phelps Memorial Hospital
  • President, Orthopedic Section, Westchester County Medical Society
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship – The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, 1982
  • Orthopedic Residency – The Hospital for Special Surgery Cornell University, 1981
  • Surgical Residency – Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, 1978
  • Internship – Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, 1977
  • Medical School – Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1976
  • College – Williams College - BAs Chemistry & Biology, Cum Laude, 1972
  • High School: The Stony Brook School – Stony Brook, NY, 1968
  • Ossining Ambulance Corps, 1985 to present
  • Family Services of Westchester, 2002 to present
  • Teatown Nature Preserve, 1986 – 87
Academic Honors
  • Merck Publication Award, Georgetown University, 1976
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, inducted junior year, Georgetown 1975
Medical Societies
  • New York Society of Orthopedic Surgeons, 1982
  • Westchester County Medical Society, 1982
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